Clients/Suppliers Survey and Feedback

*** To date ECEPP has 14 pilot projects across 10 countries; 54 contracts (worth €635m),
the largest single contract valued at EUR 71m***

In June we conducted a survey on Suppliers and Clients’ experience of ECEPP. The criteria for inviting a named client or supplier was that the project which they participated in, must have had a tender exercise closed since February 2017.   The target audience was asked to complete a questionnaire on the following:-

E-procurement general experience; System access and Registration; User friendliness (screens, help menus, resources, functions, capabilities, ECEPP Helpdesk, Search Opportunities, procurement information available, process flow, tender documents, clarification process, message centre, tender response, and any further comments.

So what did the Business Community say?…

On the Suppliers’ side: 30 responded with an overall positive feedback on their experience of ECEPP. One of the comments from Suppliers which the bank and the developer will take on board in future releases relates to the Suppliers’ Response Screen.

On the clients’ side: 6 clients responded to our survey. Overall, clients found it more efficient to use ECEPP over paper base approach. 66% are happy with ECEPP access, menus, instructions and registration. One request , which we are aware of, is to improve ECEPP email alerts to inform clients they will receive documents, or No Objection to be given, and clearer sign-posting when trying to get back a step if a step has been missed or need correcting. We have already made improvements but will look to improve even further.

ECEPP latest figures by Contract Type and Procurement Method (in €M)

Contract Type

Procurement Method


Euro M

Consultant Services Competitive 4 5.8
Consultant Services Selection from Shortlist 3 0.5
Total for Consultant Services 7 6.3
Goods Open Single Stage 7 42.9
Goods Open Two Stage 1 45.0
Total  for Goods 8 87.9
Supply and Installation Open Single Stage 27 236.0
Supply and Installation Open Two Stage 2 8.0
Total for Supply and Installation 29 244.0
Works Open Single Stage 4 72.0
Works Open Single Stage + PQQ 5 214.0
Works Open two Stage 1 11.0
Total for Works 10 297.0
Grand Total 54 635.0
  • Total Number of Registered Suppliers on ECEPP to date is:            1583