EBRD Industry Conference: “Changes to the FIDIC Forms of Contract – Red and Yellow Books”

Thursday 27 September 2018
EBRD Headquarters, One Exchange Square, London EC2A 2JN, United Kingdom

At a conference in London in December 2017, FIDIC relaunched its suite of construction contracts. Many clients of MDBs have ample experience in using the “old” FIDIC 1999 suite of contracts. It will now be interesting for all parties involved in MDB financed infrastructure projects to understand the novelties, practical application and potential challenges of the “new” suite of contracts.
This event will provide a unique setting to meet representatives of FIDIC, EBRD’s clients, contractors, other MDBs and EBRD. There will be plenty of opportunity for participants to learn more about the new suite of FIDIC forms of contract, ask questions, share their views and hear about other stakeholders’ experiences with using FIDIC forms of contract.
This is a free to attend event, which will be hosted by the EBRD’s Procurement Policy and Advisory Department at EBRD’s Headquarters in London.
In case you are interested in attending the conference, please send an email to:
kutlesai@ebrd.com and cc: gafurovl@ebrd.com