Further Enhancements on ECEPP

With currently 10 pilot projects across 7 countries; 50 contracts worth €521m, the largest single contract valued at EUR 71m, so far…

ECEPP is becoming even more User Friendly!!!

After a year of online tendering and contracting on ECEPP, and thanks to the feedback received from the experience gained by EBRD users, the bank’s Clients, registered Suppliers and Consultants from using the portal, the bank is bringing further enhancements to make ECEPP leaner, and provide all our users with a more efficient and enjoyable experience!.

The latest enhancements aim to bring the following further benefits:-

  • Additional information to Response Manager screen on Supplier side
  • Additional onscreen information and functionality within the Procurement Plan, the Tender Exercises and Documents set up
  • Improved signposting and help text including clear on-screen visualization for all procurement methods and processes
  • Alerts to user of outstanding steps to be taken
  • Improved monitoring functionality by the bank and its clients with regards to submissions of responses/ withdrawals or rejoining actions from suppliers
  • Overall enhancement structure and logic between screens and process flows


And more…


Following the above enhancements, we will be planning yet another roll out phase with your views in mind. Meantime we welcome your feedback.