A Positive Balance for ECEPP Inaugural Year

2015 can be considered as a key milestone for the launch of e-procurement among Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). The EBRD, in fact, is the first MDB to offer its clients an e-procurement system to cover the entire project cycle from planning to tendering through to award and contract management of goods, works and loan-funded consultancy contracts.ECEPP’s inaugural year saw two of the EBRD’s clients from different Countries of Operation actively pilot the system with their projects:

  • KOSTT, the electricity transmission system operator in Kosovo, was actually the first client to launch tenders in 2015 for the upgrading of their electricity transmission grid. The first contract should be awarded early 2016 and will constitute the first of several contracts with an overall estimated value of EUR 36 million.

–         AD MEPSO, the national electricity transmission system operator in FYR Macedonia will be tendering its “Modernisation of Transmission Grid and Power System Control Project”, which has an estimated value of about EUR 40.5 million.

“Working on the designing, testing and launching of the new EBRD’s e-procurement system has been a challenging but extremely rewarding experience. This year is about to close and I can surely affirm that we achieved our piloting goals and we look forward to award the first contracts in 2016” said Richard Gargrave, Senior Adviser in the Procurement Policy Department at the EBRD.