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    Translation are provided to assist users. Please note that any data entered into the system must only be entered in English.


Azerbaijan: FTTH network deployment in selected regions of Azerbaijan (8 Lots)

Invitation For Tenders Two Stage

EBRD Project ID: 50973
Country: Azerbaijan
Client Name: Aztelekom LLC
ECEPP ID: 27181497
Procurement Exercise Name: FTTH network deployment in selected regions of Azerbaijan (8 Lots)
Procurement Exercise Description: FTTH network deployment in selected regions of Azerbaijan (8 Lots)
Type of Procurement: Works
Procurement Method: Open Tender Two Stage
Business Sector: Information & Communication Technologies
Notice Type: Invitation For Tenders Two Stage
Publication Date: 21/07/2023 07:49
Issue Date: 21/07/2023 00:00
Closing Date: 04/09/2023 00:00
Opportunity Status
This opportunity is for information purposes only
This opportunity is not yet open for response
This opportunity is now open for response
This opportunity is now closed for response
Access Opportunity
This opportunity is now closed for response
This opportunity is now closed for all supplier responses. Please refer to the closing date noted on this page.

Invitation For Tenders Two Stage

1. Funding Details

The above named client intends to use part of the proceeds of a loan from/grant administered by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) towards the cost of the above named contract(s).

Additional financing information:
Aztelekom LLC has applied for a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and intends using part of the proceeds towards the cost of Aztelekom Fiber-To-The-Home Project (“the Project”).

2. Information on the Procurement Exercise

Contracts will be subject to the Bank's Procurement Policies and Rules and are open for participation for firms from any country, unless otherwise specified in the procurement documents.

The type of contract and the procurement method is stated above. A full description of the procurement exercise is available within the documentation and is available free of charge in ECEPP.

The documentation will include such information as: detailed technical and financial requirements; any information on lots; the expected outcome; eligibility and qualification requirements; contract start date; planned contract duration; any response requirements; any other relevant information.

This procurement exercise will be conducted using the EBRD Client E-Procurement Portal (ECEPP). Prospective participants can access the procurement exercise by clicking on the below link or on the 'Access Opportunity' button (if viewing this notice on ECEPP). Registered participants may log in and access the documentation immediately and unregistered participants may do so after completing a brief registration:

3. Other Information
Participants are expected to submit their proposals for any or combination of eight Contract(s) for deploying FTTH network in selected regions of Azerbaijan.

The Contract is designed by using clauses of FIDIC Yellow Book First Edition 1999.

Contractors shall complete execution of works within 12 months after contract awarding.

Contractor(s) shall perform contractual obligations and execution of works concurrently.

Contractor shall be expected to undertake the tasks below as part of the Contract scope:
(a) Organizing field exploration trips to understand physical conditions of planning and deployment areas at Contractor's own expense, where deemed necessary;
(b) Obtaining all relevant permits (transition permits, mounting permits, environmental permits etc.) for construction works, where deemed necessary, at Contractor's own expense;
(c) Detailed design comprising the low-level network planning and routing, as well as bill of material and volume of work calculation to be used as reference by rollout and construction teams in accordance with defined design standards;
(d) Using the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools for design and planning, where deemed necessary;
(e) Planning precise number of "households" and "homes passed (HP)";
(f) Timely supplying and deploying all kinds of materials and equipment related to construction of the FTTH network and infrastructure in accordance with certification criteria specified in the Contract;
(g) Ensuring that the materials to be used are certified by TUV or SGS and then approved by the Engineer and Client;
(h) Ensuring of delivery from abroad and in-country logistics of required equipment and materials;
(i) Completing customs clearance of imported material and equipment without delay;
(j) Constructing the network in accordance with the technical specifications indicated in Tender document or in its annexes;
(k) Having multi-vendor agreements with 3rd parties / sub-contractors, if needed, on the supply of required equipment and materials and outsourcing of construction works to ensure execution of works in a timely manner;
(l) Controlling the execution of subcontracted works;
(m) Collecting correct and accurate FTTH census & inventory data;
(n) Completing necessary tests for the network acceptance process as requested by the Client;
(o) Reporting clear and on-time records of acceptance dates as requested by the Client;
(p) Restoring all kinds of assembly areas (asphalt, parquet, pavement, keystone, soil, wall, cable passageways etc.) along the route where the network is deployed and then making the appropriate coating in agreement with the Road Maintenance Division of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is the sole official responsible for the correction works on disrupted asphalt surfaces;
(q) Updating the status and labelling of the buildings passed after the deployment by making exploration trips together with the vertical construction team and designated audit personnel;
(r) Preparing and reporting of all kinds of documents, photographs, projects related to FTTH network and infrastructure construction;
(s) Providing warranty for equipment, materials and installation services supplied by the Contractor, during which all installation defects and faults shall be rectified by Contractor at its own expense.

Volume of works for the Contracts under this tender process consist of bringing FTTH infrastructure to
Lot 1: 15,000 households (HH) ;
Lot 2: 10,000 households (HH);
Lot 3: 29,000 households (HH);
Lot 4: 30,000 households (HH);
Lot 5: 20,000 households (HH).
Lot 6: 10,000 households (HH).
Lot 7: 20,000 households (HH).
Lot 8: 12,000 households (HH).

Aforementioned numbers of regions and households under the 8 Contracts are preliminary only. Employer reserves the right to alter the volume work by increasing up to 10% or decreasing it up to 20% in case needed based on changes in the revision of the commercial plans and field surveys.

4. Client Address
The client's address is for information only. To register interest, access the documentation using the available links. Participants must use the ECEPP message centre for communication with the client.
Aynel Gaziyeva, Procurement
Aztelekom LLC
Aztelekom LLC
Tbilisi avenue 107
Tel. +994 51 334 75 55